Nice to meet you

The first thing everyone has to do is to know themselves.

I was born a year before the SARS epidemic, and so far, I have already 18 years old. Located in a small village in Shangli County, Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, far from the bustling area, what I saw everyday was not only the chatter between neighbors but also the quarrels between neighbors.

It was about 2009 or 2010 when my grandparents, who lived in the old town on the street, moved back to live with us. The original old house was expropriated for urban renewal, and the compensation was more than 200,000 yuan. The terrain was so high that when the natural floods of 2008 and the man-made floods of 2014 came, my house was safe and sound and in a position to see the sea.

I have no memory of SARS, the only thing I know is in Chai Jing's "Seeing" and Bai Yansong's "Pain and Happiness" books; I drank Sanlu milk powder, bought by my great aunt, but I didn't drink much, which is probably why I had a big head in elementary school; as a baby, I was admitted to ICU for pneumonia; in kindergarten, I sat behind my grandfather's bicycle and put one foot into the back wheel, then it was just an unknown amount of time I was in the local good children kindergarten for a month, and then in Xiangyang kindergarten until graduation, both times I cried and went in, so that now I have a sense of fear to go to any kindergarten; six years of elementary school in the new group of elementary school, now renamed Shangli Town Center Primary School, where the six young children sold books; in 2014, I entered the middle school of Shangli Middle School, saw the extraordinary formalism wind, three years later exempt from the secondary examination Entered the senior high school of Shangli Middle School, now a sophomore.

See the first Japanese manga is "Naruto", because of a web game "Naruto Online" and into the pit, since then like this chivalrous and benevolent bonding spirit; special like military class, criminal investigation suspense class film and television drama, "Major Case Six Series", "Special Forces Series", "Forensic Qinming Series" …… occasionally look at urban emotional drama For example, "all good". Do not look at the court drama, a group of women fighting to fight meaningless, and not my. I like history, the history of the book and film unconditionally love, except for fake history. I have read the "forbidden books" in the teacher's mouth - "The Doudu Cangzhi", "The Great Master", "The Perfect World", different from what the teacher said, what attracted me was not only the plot, but also the emotion, no different from "Naruto".

Because of the word "first" in my name, I was called "fairy" and "fairy" by my classmates in elementary school for six years; in junior high school, a classmate misheard my name and heard it as "Hu Mao tip", since then people send nickname "Hu Mao tip" "Hu Mao Mao"; like to play badminton and basketball, without "will play "description, this is only a skill, will disappear with time, and "like" is a hobby, has always been there. Naive hands and feet are not coordinated, many times to learn the three-step layup did not learn, three-point line shooting is not inferior to the classmates, people send nickname "Ku Mao".

Perhaps it is because the junior and senior high school to learn "Analects" more, by Zhang Zai's sentence "for heaven and earth to establish the heart, for the people to establish life, for the past sage to continue to learn, for the world to open the peace" influenced a lot, do not like the Taoist negative inaction thought, but to see more of certain social phenomena, have an idea that they should do something, junior high school on the ambition of the future examination civil servants, to become a national cadres, the people's official. Become a cadre of the country, the people's official.

Nice to meet you. The future lies ahead, and life goes on.

Author: HeXian

My name is HuHeXian,you can call me "HeXian",this is my personal English blog,I will share my life story in English here.And I hope to make more friends through my blog.

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