Happy New Year!

Today is the last day of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rat, which is what we call New Year's Eve. Today we will have a reunion dinner together in every household and watch the Chinese New Year Gala together in the evening until 12:00 p.m. We are looking forward to the Chinese New Year together!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Lunar Year of the Ox, and every family will have Spring Festival couplets on their doors, as well as the word fortune, symbolizing good expectations for the future.

Every New Year, there are always people lamenting that there is no more New Year's flavor and it is not like New Year's anymore. What is the taste of New Year in our mind? Firecrackers and fireworks at the doorstep, elders giving you money, eating New Year's Eve dinner on the night of New Year's Eve, watching the Spring Festival Gala and waiting for the New Year to come …… Indeed, everyone is wearing new clothes, red and festive, with smiles on their faces. But when you think about it, isn't it the same now for New Year's Eve? As usual, there are fireworks, there is the New Year's Eve dinner, there are old people like to watch the Spring Festival dinner, only grown up we do not have the Chinese New Year money, but instead become the people who should give their parents the Chinese New Year money.

Because of the epidemic, many people working outside can not return home for the New Year, which is a sad and helpless thing for the Chinese people, the tradition of the New Year is such that in the reunion less themselves, the heart will inevitably be sad, which is also the reason why the policy came out some time ago and triggered a hot debate.

At this moment, you see this article, if you are back home, then I hope that during the New Year good company family, if you can not go home, I also hope to give a phone call to the parents at home!

In China, our ox is a diligent and down-to-earth old ox that pulls a cart and plows a field, so it is expected that each of us will also be diligent and down-to-earth in the new year, living, studying and working well.

Finally, I'd like to say Happy New Year to everyone!

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