Nice to meet you

The first thing everyone has to do is to know themselves.

I was born a year before the SARS epidemic, and so far, I have already 18 years old. Located in a small village in Shangli County, Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, far from the bustling area, what I saw everyday was not only the chatter between neighbors but also the quarrels between neighbors.

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What I was thinking after uninstalling the game on my phone

On January 4, I posted this sentence in my circle of friends: uninstalled the game on the phone, there is more time to do things of interest. There is no doubt that before uninstalling, I do log on to a king in my free time, open a black, often what is the result of this? The book I want to read is not finished, the movie I want to watch has not moved, as I said this sentence, many things of interest are not made due to the interference of the game.

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Why do we need to think independently?

As a child, I often had this thought, or question: Why am I me? Similar to the three questions of life raised by Plato: "Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?" . I don't dare to say that I have been thinking independently since then, but I think that the act of thinking, or the ability to think, is something that we all have.

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